The spaces where we live, work and play affect our happiness, productivity and quality of life

When we are in spaces that are well-designed for our use, we have the opportunity to live life to the fullest — we focus on our work, relationships and living. My passions are working with clients and organizations to find and create the spaces that delight them, and then leading the team to make it a reality. Surrounded by such a space, we can focus on living lives that make a difference.

Let’s work together!

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Historic Preservation

Historic preservation is NOT about saving, preserving, or restoring the past; instead, it is an effort to create a future that is better than the past ever was, while remembering what has gone before.

Click to read more about Cyril’s work with a community to restore one of the South’s grand old theaters to its new glory days on a revitalized Main Street. Discover how an “Old, Old Jail” became a center for historic preservation. And more…

Adaptive Re-Use

The creative re-use of existing buildings can generate significant economic and environmental advantages. Cyril’s particular knowledge, skill, and experience in projects of this type for healthcare organizations have realized great value for clients.

Click to read more about how Cyril transformed a dead mall into a thriving healthcare hub, which has in turn rejuvenated a neighborhood…


Whether you are remodeling a residence, creating a campus, or building your dream home, Cyril’s 40 years of architecture experience will help you realize your vision with world-class design and development.

Click to read how Cyril’s inspiration influenced two very different projects: a dream vacation home and a totally re-thought antebellum mansion…

Current Projects

Cyril continues to help people to make their  Adaptive Reuse, Historic Preservation and New Construction ideas come to life.

Click to read about the latest projects Cyril is developing…